Kopi Luwak

June 18, 2008

Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee, and luwak is a local name of the Asian Palm Civet (A kind of cat, look at the photo on the left side). The raw, red coffee berries are part of its normal diet, along with insects, small mammals, small reptiles, eggs and nestlings of birds, and other fruit.The inner bean of the berry is not digested, but it has been proposed that enzymes in the stomach of the civet add to the coffee’s flavor by breaking down the proteins that give coffee its bitter taste.



More commonly today, captured civets are fed raw berries, the feces produced are then processed and the coffee beans offered for sale.

To all coffee lovers, please order your coffee wisely!


Long Due Photos!

June 17, 2008







**Diana and I

Taken in Raffles Hotel after dinner at Tiffin Room (Indian food) together with other 7 colleagues!

**Unable to load another photo!

10 Promises to My Dog Charity Screening

June 16, 2008

The “Ten Commandments” for Dog Owners – a short poetry that has moved hearts around the world, now becomes a major motion picture about a girl, her dog, and their life together.

i wan to watch this!!! but it’s 30bucks per ticket cos it’s for charity! anybody interested?! *winks..









Commissioning Parade on 14/6/2008!

June 16, 2008

SAT – 14/06/08

Parade held on 14/6/2008 put up a happy ending for all the newly-born-officers!

I really enjoyed myself that day, watching them marching uniformly and so neatly! And all of them marched with PRIDE and SWEAT! =)

One word to describe the parade – AWESOME!

I was so touched when they throw their “cap” (whatever u all called it) high up into the sky and hugging one another jumping happily. I feel proud of him and for my fellow friends as well. GOOD JOB!

Dinner at warriors’ hall was a big NO-NO!! it sucks completely with all the curry curry indian food. my goodness! =/

It’s a regret for not taking photos with the guys! =X i was the photographer that night and was busy shooting pictures for HIM. ZzZz..

p/s: photos and videos to be put up soon once i received them.


15/6/08 – SUN

Went IT fair with aun in the late evening and it’s so squeezy, noisy, and shoe stepping war! I cannot tolerate pple stepping on my shoes!!!!!! *angry*

afterwhich, we went “PICTURE ME” studio located at Suntec to select 1 free photo, with him wearing No.1 but that photographer SUCKS! All photos taken are above his chest , there’s no full length body photos at all. Zzz -.- basically it’s like passport photos, took so many photos at the studio but it’s all only the head or at most until his chest level only. ZZzz..

luckily it’s free else we wouldnt want to purchase it!


New Face, New Start

June 14, 2008

Let me see, this should be my 4th blog and i’ve abandon all previous blogs. =/

Alright, i’ll try to keep this blog active and have updates everyday. =)

Last monday (9/6/08) was my first day at work and i hope i’ll be able to stay put in that company for at least 2 years, while pursuing my degree in RMIT/SIM.

P.S I Love You

Am addicted to this romanace novel since last week! (i know it’s kinda slow of me!) but I’ve been searching for this book high and low before my sister told me she actually own this book! my god, she only bought it at S$3.50 in bangkok. looks like bangkok is another good place to grab cheap and first hand novels. =P

Alright, i got to rush over JP to have my eyebrow trim before heading off to OCS! more photos to be updated! =)

Loves ..